Mileeva the Diva

Mileeva the Diva

Planet Rock

Saturday 7p-10p

Smoothed Out Sundays

Sunday 12p-2p

The Amapiano Experience

Thursday 9a-10a

“The Amapiano Experience takes you on a colorful journey through South African house and drum music. It’s one full hour of Amapiano music, made to liven up your morning!” 

Michele Lee Evans, aka, Mileeva the Diva is a native of Washington DC, now a Houston, TX transplant. She holds an MBA with a double minor in Human Resource Management and Computer Information Systems.

Mileeva is an entrepreneur, having started her gift basket business in 1998, and turned in into a jewelry design business, Mileeva Designs in 2006. She is also the founder and CEO of MLE Enterprises where she does business consulting and helps others to write their books. She herself, is a published author of three books, and a motivational speaker on the topics of abuse and bullying, as well as entrepreneurship.

Her love of music and speaking pulled her towards starting her own radio show called Mileeva Speaks in 2018. After time at KYOB Radio, she started her own independent broadcast, until she reunited with friends and fellow broadcasters at Da Bizz Radio.

After a few months, she left Da Bizz and founded Kutting Edge Radio Broadcasting (KERB), a station she prides as being the most diverse internet radio station on the planet, and where broadcasters can be themselves, adding even more diversity.

She is the host of The Friday Drive, Planet Rock, and Smoothed Out Sundays. In 2023, Mileeva’s shows Planet Rock and Smoothed Out Sunday’s joined the 107.5 The Swamp family. Replays of Diva’s shows can be found on

Michele’s favorite quote is by Les Brown and has become a staple at her speaking events: “Never let someone’s opinion of you, become your reality.”