JB In The Morning

Live Mon-Wed-Fri 8am-10am Central

Playing NOTHING but REAL Classic Rock

Coming to you from BEAUTIFUL San Diego, California

“Playing everything from Aerosmith to ZZ Top and keeping the Classic’s Classic.”
That’s how JB starts most of his shows. His humor with those occasional “rental lips” days and his
insatiable desire to learn and share the music, the bands, their facts and stories makes for an upbeat,
fun and informative “JB In The Morning” show. When he isn’t participating in his favorite pastimes (golf,
traveling and video games) he is spending a tremendous amount of time researching, developing and
airing his shows.
JB’s interest in music began as a kid with playing brass instruments and several other instruments and
that developed into being in several different bands throughout the years. After retiring from the
construction industry and several other businesses’, he started doing voiceovers. It just so happened an
owner of a radio station heard him and strongly suggested he start his own show and that is how “JB In
The Morning” was born.
For JB it’s all about Classic Rock that, without realizing it, you are rockin’ out right along with him. Other
music (other than country) is great too but Classic Rock is his passion.
“More Rock – Less Talk”

Join JB, for the GREATEST Classic Rock In The World!!!

Mon-Wed-Fri 8am-10am Central, here on 107.5 The Swamp!!!